Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just Be

Superbowl Sunday has now passed, and whether you are a Patriots fan(now in mourning) or a Giants fan(obviously celebrating) it is time to think about the next day on our calendars- Valentine's Day!

Yesterday morning I decided to embark on a "photo safari" back in my home area of Collegeville, PA. I've been returning home alot recently, not just literally, but in my heart as well. One place I stopped was where my old elementary school existed- back then it was known as Boyer School. I didn't take any photos there but last night as I drifted into sleep I could see myself there at recess playing games like chinese jump rope, jacks, red light-green light, and tag. The memory made me smile, feeling content and happy, hearing my own laughter over and over from the past. It felt good.

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to pick up a dozen to take home to my girls. Amber had been having a few tough days and handing her a heart shaped donut would no doubt lift her spirits. I loved how the heart shaped donuts looked in the box- so pretty- and not ironically I happened to place them on my dining room table next to a decoration Lisa had made for her Valentine's party. The word BE seemed to belong in that picture. And with it came these statements to myself:

BE kind to yourself

BE open to learn

BE content with your life, but also

BE willing to embrace change

Love, I have learned, begins with receiving it first for myself. From that place, loving those around me flows beautifully.


Kendralee* said...

Ah Danise,
Yet again I sit here.. wondering.. do her children know just how incredible of a mother she is?? does SHE know just how truly amazing of a woman she is?

Please please please keep sharing your life. I'll try to do the same soon


Terence Grandfield said...

I am happy and content to have had you in my life for 30+ Valentine days and I know with all my heart that you touch many many people with your LOVE.