Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Dance

A year ago during a winter snow storm I passed a nearby field and caught a vision, an image, for a future photo- seeing the stark white of the swirling snow as a perfect backdrop to place a ballerina dressed in black. Having used all three of my daughters to do outdoor ballerina photos before, I assumed I could convince one of them to go along with my creative craziness.

This winter we have had little snow so when a small storm hit a couple weeks ago I convinced my youngest daughter, Lisa-Noel, to put her tutu on to take a few photos. It was so cold.....and she told me this request, even for photo purposes, borderlined on child abuse! I think she was right, but I appreciate her willingness to humor me and my creative pursuits.

Looking through these photos to choose for my post, I see not just a lovely young woman who happens to be my daughter, but a girl who is becoming and learning to embrace herself in spite of great internal struggles. I see hope in her face that I didn't see a few months ago. Her struggle became mine and together, with the support of our family and friends- we have evolved, emerged, stronger.

Those delightful red ballet shoes, a recent gift from Lisa's friend Colleen, are a reminder of how friendship can lift us up to believe in ourselves, no matter what.

Even in the cold, barren, winter, hope rises..... and encourages me to dance.

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Terence Grandfield said...

WOW! Love it! Both you and our kids amaze me everyday!