Monday, March 23, 2009

Time of Celebration

Last Friday, Terry and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. We spent the day doing one of the things we both love- eating great food while in between shopping for specialty food at a favorite asian market. The photo is a vegan cake my son Dale bought for us- and I am glad to report it is almost finished because Terry and I have had way more than our share!!! Our son Josiah was trying to talk us into going on the Ab's diet this week and all Terry and I could do was smile and tell him our days of flat abs were history! Actually it is important for us to stay in good shape and watch what we eat, but for celebrations like anniversaries a little indulgence doesn't hurt. The cake was delightful- layers of white cake with strawberries and cream in between and all covered in a chocolate coating. This vegan bakery is phenomenal- you would never know they don't use dairy products. It almost makes it seem more healthy- but something tells me there are quite a few calories involved, vegan or not.
Terry and I are very blessed in our relationship. We have had some great struggles but our commitment to one another has not wavered- and we learned many years ago that to keep a marital relationship alive both people must be willing to communicate and spend time together without the kids. We reminisced about the many romantic weekend trips we've taken over the years- our first to a bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, FL in 1998 a few months before we left Florida, to a trip back to San Diego in 2000 where we took a gondola ride in the intercoastal waterway- then a couple visits to Philadelphia and a couple to the Poconos- lots of wonderful memories. We were a bit bummed that we couldn't afford to go away this year but were happy to take a day and have fun.
I thought of two scriptures in conjunction with the number 27- Psalm 27 and Psalm 127. Psalm 127 has been especially dear to our hearts because it speaks about a man(and woman) being happy and blessed who have a quiver full of children. Our quiver of 6 continue to challenge and bless us, and when we celebrate our relationship we cannot help but acknowledge the precious gift of our children.

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Dublinheart said...

Happy anniversary, my good friends. May you have the blessings of the Lord forever. I would love to see both of you, but I shall keep in touch this way for now. Toni also says hi.