Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs of Spring

I had the pleasure of taking a wonderful, restful trip to visit my family out in Denver from March 4th thru March 10th. Before I left things were pretty cold here in PA- and although it was sunny and bright during my visit out west it was cool there too. But the past couple days here have been encouraging for those of us who thought maybe winter would linger- it's 55 degrees today and as I sat out in the sun a little while ago and looked at some of my spring flowers I felt renewed- by what I could see with my eyes but also by the way I have been feeling inside as well. Reconnecting with my parents and my sister and brother and their delightful families during my brief visit blessed me so much. Sometimes we forget that it is the people who know us best and longest who can help us find our way.
That novel I have talked openly about writing and not writing these past months is over half finished. It is taking shape in ways I couldn't have predicted, and I believe the last half will have many surprises in store for me. I have learned that if I am willing to try- even when I am scared to death- that God will help me to do beyond what I ever thought possible.
As spring quickly approaches I look forward to taking lots of photos of the flowering trees, plants, and bushes we are so blessed to have here in the northeast. I may just finish this story I'm writing too. Spring reminds me that what looked brown and barren can suddenly become green and fruitful.
By the way one important lesson I have learned recently on my journey is that believing in God means believing in myself, in what God has deposited within me. I can do all things through Christ.


Dublinheart said...

Can I buy the first copy?

Janet said...

Writing a novel is a daunting task...good for you for perservering! Someday, I hope to take a stab at it myself.

I agree, spring is a time of renewl and hope. This has been a difficult winter for many of us!

Anonymous said...

mommy, I'm so glad you updated!! I'm really looking forward to this novel of yours...I'm so proud of you for writing it and following your dream. Love you!

Holly said...

Denny, Your parents love you so much. Even when we are far apart and do not get to see each other you are in our hearts each and every day. Never forget dad and mom