Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After reaching the halfway point with my novel last week I was certain I should have it printed out so that I could send it to a few people for comment. But that idea changed Sunday with what I call a strong inward sense that I need to finish it first before doing so...... Hearing from God can happen in many ways but I have found he often speaks very quietly in a still small voice which I can often miss because of the noise around me. As it turns out the halfway point is important in regards to the story. The end of the first half is significant as it ends Part 1. I have begun Part 2, the second half of the story.
I was working on a photo album to send to our two children through Compassion- Pravallika is 14 and lives in India, Jiripat is 7 and lives in Thailand. As Pravallika has a birthday coming up in May I was sending a card also. I wanted to read again her most recent letter and in it she shared with me how much she loves the story of Samuel the prophet. In her card I spoke to her about how incredible it was that Samuel learned to not just hear God's voice at a young age but also learned to obey it, One doesn't mean anything without the other. With this story and in my life in general I am trying to listen, closer than I have in many years. But I know listening requires willingness to follow , and all I can do is ask the Lord to give me His grace to do so.
Sometimes listening means simply doing what I know is right- choosing love. I remember those bracelets a few years back that had the letters WWJD on them, reminding us to consider what Christ would do in any given situation. God's love is always the answer and when I choose to obey His leading to love things turn out fine.
In my devotional book yesterday called Joy and Strength the scripture reference was John 10:3-4. It is about Jesus calling his sheep by name and leading them out. I love the second part where Jesus says He goes before us, and we follow. He goes ahead to clear the way, he makes the path safe. How can I be afraid to listen when the Shepherd himself is leading?

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ELGKJWilson said...

Hey Danese,

Happy anniversary! The Lord bless the next fifty!

I thought the pictures you took were beautiful. I also loved what you said about choosing love. I think everything we do must be done with love. Amen! I love you guys and bless you today with more love of the Father and great peace.