Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent Reflections

December 4th

“Call unto me…” Jeremiah 33:3

The prophet Jeremiah didn’t have a life most of us would choose. He spent many years in prison for speaking boldly the word of the Lord. Speaking for God appeared to be a liability for him, as in the lives of many great Old Testament prophets.
Through this suffering prophet God speaks profound and beautiful words. Some of those words have kept me sane through dark seasons. How many of us have remembered Jeremiah 29:11, when the plans around us didn’t look favorable, but God reminded us that His plans are always good?
Calling out to God is an act of submission. It is recognizing who He is and His authority in my life. When I am weak and unable to complete a task, walk another mile, or make it through the day, I call. In the few seconds that I stop to call to my Lord my focus changes. The circumstances around me are the same, but I have believed in crying out to my savior that He is in charge. My perspective changes and His strength moves me forward to finish the race.
May Jesus’ love compel you to call out to Him this holiday season. You will be amazed at the great and mighty things He has to share with you!

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