Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent Reflections

December 3rd

“Many waters cannot quench love…” Song of Solomon 8:7

As people we invest time in many ways, but I believe the most important investment we make is in relationships. God is all about relationships. He instituted the concept of family and community.
The most important relationships in our lives will face the greatest challenges. Have you ever felt like giving up on someone in your life? I have many times, but God reminds me that His love is unconditional. I don’t love someone because they meet my expectations. I am compelled to love others because Jesus first loved me, with all my imperfections.
When a significant relationship in my life has faced attack, I have watched as God used the deep torrents of floodwaters to cleanse me. His waters are not meant to quench love- they are meant to disengage our spirits of judgment and pride.
In this Christmas season, my hope is to make building relationships a priority. Let the past be the past…and together may we embrace the future and those Christ has placed in our lives.
“Little children, let us love!”

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