Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life With Lily

On January 16th our family welcomed a new addition to our family- her name is Lily and she is an eight week old golden retriever puppy. Lily is a cream colored golden, her fur is mostly white, her ears are a bit darker- apricot is the color her breeder Todd described it as- and these colors will remain the same as she grows older. We are excited to have another doggie to love and train and be oart of our chaos.
Terry had approached me about these puppies being available shortly after Christmas, but still missing Sadie I wasn't sure I was ready. Initially my thought was to adopt a dog from a shelter(something I plan to do in the future as a companion for Lily and to help give an older dog a home who needs it)- and emphatically not choose another golden. Our friend's the Connelly's had asked me to dog sit their golden after Christmas- her name is Sophie and she is 6 years old- and after spending time with her I told Terry I had changed my mind (we women have that perogative, don't we???) and I knew I wanted another golden. Terry had already been looking online and had asked some questions of the breeder, so all he was waiting for was my approval..... something he certainly wasn't sure of. The puppies would be ready on January 9th and as the breeder resides in the Niagra falls area of New York, they were willing to transport her down on the 16th. Inside I knew I needed to do this, that the timing was good, and so I took a deep breath and gave my okay. Both Terry and Lisa, who were sitting at the computer together, were ecstatic- and the good news passed rapidly throughout the entire house and beyond in minutes.
I chose her name- after crying over Sadie and reminiscing about our first golden Rose, the bible verse from the Song of Solomon came to me. It says in chapter 2:1 "I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." I had my Rosie many years ago whom we adopted when she was two and who lived a long life until 13. I loved my Sadie and hold close the beautiful memories I have of her short life. And out of the valley of losing her and other challenges this past year I embrace my Lily- a new life to love, to train, and to share companionship with. Our family feels blessed to have another pup to love.

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fond memories of Rose...