Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Happenings

The summer sped by and here I am at the beginning of October getting ready to rake leaves and make a trip to the pumpkin patch....... Everyone knows this is my favorite season, although here in PA I love that each part of the year holds a certain charm.
I was out in my gardens yesterday cutting back some of the summer flowers that had begun to die. I didn't yet have the heart to cut back the tangled mess of wildflowers and morning glories that have obliterated my light post. I love when things aren't perfect in a garden- there is a distinct beauty in the random way nature evolves. Although golden rod is hard on us allergy sufferers I enjoy seeing it blooming in the fields next to the rows of cornstalks that have turned brown and brittle. Speaking of cornstalks, I need a couple bundles to complete my outside fall harvest decorating. Unfortunately Terry just vacuumed the van and now I will have to mess it up with cornstalks!!!
We just celebrated both Terry's 51st birthday and Lisa-Noel's 13th birthday. My youngest child is now officially a teenager, and growing up to be a lovely young lady with a tender heart. The photo of my daughter Rebekah was taken in the dress she purchased for the upcoming Homecoming dance. When we had narrowed the choices down to two dresses and she came out in this one saying "I feel so pretty in this" we knew it was the one. We missed my daughter Amber being here to celebrate with us- the first year that has ever happened..... but she is having a tremendous stay in Rome and I am so happy she has the opportunity to be there for her final semester of college.
My boys are all well..... Dale is working three jobs, yes I did say three jobs!!! He is working full time at Dan's Camera and plays the Saturday afternoon service at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lansdale, then is worship leader at Trinity Episcopal Church in Easton, playing two services Sunday mornings and leading their choir. It makes my head spin just thinking about it all!!! Josiah is doing well at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has gotten accustomed to the public transit system in the city and enjoys getting around. So far he seems to be doing well in his classes. Chad is a junior in high school and is off today to play in the district qualifying round for our area in golf. He continues to love the sport, and I have no doubt he will play for the rest of his life.
Fall reminds me that there are times we need to embrace the end of things as much as the beginning. There is a purpose for every season.

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Anonymous said...

love all these photos, mama. Miss you all so much. Enjoy the fall season for me!! Lots of love, Amby