Monday, November 10, 2008

One new job followed by another

Just as I was assuming (always wrong with God, of course!) that my writing was my only "new" job a call came a couple weeks ago from The Fresh Market, a local specialty grocery store, that they wanted to offer me a job in their bakery department. I went for an interview and a couple days later decided to take the job. Last week was my first week and I worked 26 hours- in addition to getting some work done on my novel as well as my many other duties here at home. It has been exhausting on many levels, and I have reminded myself that anything new requires a couple weeks to get adjusted to. Overall I like my duties, which include bagging and boxing lots of products as well as helping customers, but there is so much to learn and at times my head felt it was on overload. I am thankful that when I feel inept I can always count on the Lord to give me what I need to remain calm. I have met some very nice ladies whom I hope to build relationships with, and maybe that is the most important reason of all to be there.
The photos I have posted are more of our lovely fall surroundings, including a shot of our home ready for Halloween. I love that holiday- seeing the kids dressed up is so much fun!! Now we are already close to the middle of November and I love that I still have a couple roses on my bush outside my front door that because of the cold have been preserved- looking almost antiqued. Although the cold causes me to shiver, it is also a wonderful tool God's given us to preserve things. Wonder what he'll want to preserve in all of us through these cold winter months ahead? So often I think only of what God wants to get rid of within me, but I realize that because his kingdom lives inside me there is a wealth of His resources He wants to preserve too. Time to put on those extra layers and welcome the cold.


Anonymous said...

love the photo of the flower! and of course my wonderful pops and sisters. I'm definitely missing seeing the fall colours in such abundance. instead, I see the colours of the city (mostly consisting of the people!). love you!

Robin said...

Danese....I love following your moments and adventures.Have a happy, happy weekend.