Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Learning to upload photos

Wow- I love the simplicity of using this blog- and with the help of my daughter Amber and husband Terry I can now post my photos!!! Can you tell I am excited? The photos I posted today are scenes of summer here in Pennsylvania. The variety of flowers and bushes here amazes me. I am getting back into photography, both as a hobby and also through helping my daughter shoot weddings. It is so much fun to have a camera back in my hands and to be using it in different ways. This creative stretching is so good for me.... Who knows where God will take it? For now I am content to share these images and thoughts with you- hope you enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the blog, mommy! keep it up!

kimr said...

Great photos Danese!! Look forward to more.

Robin said...

Danese! I love your shots...and your blog! I hope that you do not mind, I linked you on my blog. I send a hug.