Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Lovely, Tangled, Life

I noticed the box next to the dumpster at work, a "present" left by one of our tenants. Of course I looked inside.

Ribbons, spools of ribbons, unraveling and intertwining, their colors mingling.

I walked back into my office, grabbed a bag, and pulled that cacophony of colored ribbons out of the box, creating an even messier array as I picked up the ribbons and their spools, putting them into a plastic grocery store bag.

(Treasures are everywhere, if only we keep our eyes open.)

It was a few more weeks until I took my camera and my rescued ribbons to another work site, where I also added the heart, a present from my daughter Amber years ago.

Concrete. A chain linked fence. Green grass. A perfect backdrop.

I turned 56 years old yesterday. 

And you know what I've grown to love? The messiness of life. My own tangled life. How some of my craziest experiences have taught me to embrace life's imperfections and indicators - like the laugh lines on my face, sure signs that I am aging, yes, but alive- and smiling. 

I am at a wonderful place. Humbled and mellowed by love. Surrounded by people who accept me for who I am.

Loved unconditionally by God.

A place to celebrate and know this-

The best has been, the best is now, and the best is yet to come.

By the way- 

I am untangling those ribbons, one by one, placing them back on their spools. I look forward to tying them, in the future, on special gifts of love.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes,
    the prayers,
    the large and small kindnesses,
    and especially, the love.

    I love you. XO

                    Grammy and Harper

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