Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Arrival

The bedcover is pink and white, broadly checked, and when I pull it up to my neck at night in my new bedroom, I feel safe, secure, at rest.

It's taken me a long time to get here, but boy is my arrival here in Bethlehem sweet. Bethlehem, as in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, "The Christmas City."

The perfect place for a girl who loves all things Christmas to land...on her feet.

Thanks to those who have prayed for me in recent months...years, actually, as I saw my life change dramatically. 

Tomorrow is Easter. 

When I was a girl, I recall one Easter with special fondness. It was the Easter I flew a kite. A simple plastic one that you put a wooden stick in the back of in order to keep its wings extended. The wind caught it, just so, and I sat down on a grassy bank, holding the string, letting more and more out, smiling as it sailed up in the sky, bobbing and darting with the currents of the wind.

I think that may have been the Easter I ate most of my candy- bunnies, peanut butter eggs, a peep or two(maybe three or four!) in one day. Fresh air does make a girl hungry, after all.

Know what I love about flying a kite? That you have to run, holding it up at first with your hands, letting the string out, hoping for it to catch the magical currents of the wind enough to pull it up, as you're craning your neck, looking back as you continue to run forward, watching it ascend, and the joy, the jump up and down in your heart kind of joy as you see and feel the wind do what only the wind can as it takes the kite higher.

When Christ died on the cross the wind fell silent. Still. But only for three days and nights.

I look back now and I imagine I can see it, that mighty wind of the spirit breaking through, roaring, pushing away the huge stone at the mouth of the tomb as if it were a mere pebble. Then blowing gently into his nostrils and his mouth, God the Spirit, bending close, giving holy resuscitation. 

I can testify to this. Resurrection is real. The wind is true. 

So much in my life fell silent a couple years ago. But God's wind blew. Is blowing.

Definitely time to get out my kite!

Have a wonderful Easter, with Love, Always. XOXO

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Cathy said...

Wonderful imagery ... glad to hear of the peace you and Lily have found.