Monday, November 30, 2015

Ode To Ephram

Advent begins.

In some ways I feel it actually began on November 6, 2015, when a special little boy sent from heaven came to us.
His name is Ephram Gabriel, my grandson.
The first photo I posted on Facebook of the two of us included the phrase "Definitely love at first sight."
I can now add love growing deeper at second sight and third sight and every time I behold his sweet little face.
Like all newborn babies, he has managed to take over the lives of his parents. He demands attention.
And we all lovingly give it. 

Ode to Ephram

Definitely Love
the first time I saw you cradled
in your Mommy's arms, 
a radiant look of joy on her face
reminiscent of my joy the first moments
I held her close to my heart
28 years ago, where she always remains 
and now you are there too.

I kiss her and scoop you
up out of her arms, holding my breath
as tears come to my eyes and I
think, no I know, that I will
never be the same
for seeing your face changes me. 
You remind me of your Daddy, a man I love
as a son, and your sister, my first
grandchild who now 
gives you hugs and kisses.

When I hold you, rocking you
back and forth, back and forth
singing hush little baby
the hush is my own as your 
sleeping body fits snugly over
my left breast, your tiny head in
the hollow of my neck
and all of life becomes clear
in the breathing we do together.

Your name means fruitful. God is my strength.
And I get a glimpse of you,
a faithful gardener, bringing forth fruit
apples and oranges and pears
heavy on the trees you plant with your
cries and in between, your silences.
Your heart is full of seeds.
The planting has already begun.

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