Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My morning usually begins with the familiar and welcome sound of FaceTime ringing on my ipad. Within seconds, after touching the accept button, I see...connecting... connecting, and there, in seconds, appears this sweet face.

Harper turned a delightful 2 years old on June 30th.

This morning I brought up the topic of "free range parenting" with Amber, a new term I recently heard. We chatted as I watched my granddaughter in almost constant motion. Having raised six kids myself I chuckle at all these new ways to describe parenting, and Amber and I laughed at the idea of defining yourself with such a term. I liked her definition of parenting:

Survival parenting.

I completely agreed.

Meanwhile, Harper continued to freely roam the living room, the kitchen, and her bedroom. Her Mommy and I following along as she wondered.

And as I watched a couple videos Amber sent me later of Harper repeating her ABCs, cooperating for a few letters, stopping when she'd had enough, I know what her choice is. Definitely.

It's free range all the way. She is Batman, after all.

Can't imagine a better way to start each day!

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