Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introducing My New Blog / More Harper Photos

On August 1st I introduced a new addition to my writing family... my new blog- Open Passage! (I am so excited!!!)

Why start a new blog? Why not go in a new direction here instead?

As I have alluded to in some of my recent posts, I have felt a leading to share the stories of others. To best describe my idea for "Open Passage" I offer you this quote from my Welcome page there:

"The concept for this blog, like so many other things in my life, is a process of discovery. It feels similar to being presented with a brand new baby whose future remains a mystery. My job is to nurture and help this child grow, without defining who she is meant to be."

I hope you will check it out, become a follower, and leave a comment now and then when something really makes you think.

This blog (home, sweet, home) will continue to be the place I share my personal stories and photos. With, of course, plenty of updates on my favorite new role in life- being a grandma!

This precious little girl has all of us wrapped around her delicate little fingers. I am enjoying every moment!

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