Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lobster Trap Joy

The first place on my list to visit here in New Hampshire was actually not in New Hampshire but Maine...... Nubble Lighthouse in York Beach, Maine. After church on Sunday Gary drove us up and it was a moment of great joy to be there, taking photos, breathing in that pungent salty sea air, turning in all directions in awe.

I LOVE New England!

And when I saw this example of the Maine Christmas spirit, well, I had to take a photo to share.....where else would you see a Christmas tree made out of lobster traps? Amazing Joy.......

Gary was Santa at a local Rec center here in Barrington, NH. I was thrilled to take a bunch of photos, enjoying the moments of Christmas joy watching the children sit on Santa's lap (of course there were a few who were not so joyous too!) Janet and I just had to get a photo with Santa Gary also!

I will be returning to my family tomorrow.....looking forward to taking the joy I have found here in NH back with me to share and can't wait to see what further joy awaits me as I prepare for Christmas.

I hope and pray you are finding Christmas joy this holiday season.

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