Monday, March 5, 2012

Red Rocks

It's a bit difficult to see in the photo above, but there's
an X in the sky, left by airplanes, a "kiss" from heaven.

It's been one week since my return home from Denver but my heart remains out west with my family as they have been walking through a very difficult time. My nephew Mason had surgery to remove part of his intestine last Wednesday, and although the surgery went well the recuperation has been extremely challenging- what could go wrong has, and we welcome all your prayers for him as he continues to fight to heal.

I made a short trip while visiting to take some outdoor photos in the foothills at Red Rocks. Most people visiting the area go there- it is a beautiful outdoor ampitheater where numerous concerts are hosted throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Snow had fallen a couple days before, blanketing the area, and the sky, seemingly so much larger out west, created a perfect blue contrast to the reddish orange rocks and the white snow. It was impossible to take a bad picture at such a glorious location.

Family photos from Colorado:
Josie, me, Noel, Caroline, and Mason

Chad, Vinny, me, and Casey

Dad (Lon), Josie, me, and Mom (Holly)


Terence Grandfield said...

Absolutely beautiful. Great to see our family out west. Everyone looks so good. Livestrong Mason!

Robin Tolbert said...

Thank you for sharing your moments. Family is special. Prayers being whispered for Mason. XOX