Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lily Tries To Hide

Lily was out in the yard this morning, forgetting all about the rule to stay in the yard..... thankfully a kind man passing by brought her to the front door, making sure she was safe. She knew she did wrong, hanging her head as she walked into the house, hiding behind the curtain, sheepishly looking at her Momma, who said, "Lily, looks like you have to be back on the rope again girl, for your own safety."

Lily hopes Santa forgives her and still brings everything on her Christmas list.


Whiks & Fribs said...

I know that face all too well!! look at the shame.

Terence Grandfield said...

Oh Lily, I knew today when we got up this morning that today was gonna be one of those test the water days. But those eyes will melt any ones heart.