Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Reflections

December 10th

“I stand at the door and knock…” Revelation 3:20

While reading the newspaper today there was a gentle rap at the door. I didn’t respond to it because I thought it was one of my children upstairs playing. The knock came again. I ignored it once more. A few moments later I heard the storm door open and close and realized someone had actually been at the door. They left a pamphlet in the door.
Wouldn’t it be nice if God would leave us a pamphlet when we don’t hear His knock? But then do we want to hear what He has to say when we open the door? Jesus says when we open the door He will come in and dine with us. At the holidays some of our fondest holiday memories are associated with meals we’ve shared together. It is a tremendous blessing to sit with family and friends and share not only food but also good conversation.
How gracious our Lord is to come in and dine with us! What kind of meal would I prepare for the King? Or better yet, how should my heart be prepared to dine with my Savior?
Listen for God’s knock and respond when you do. The dining experience with Jesus will change your life. He sets a table that serves everlasting joy.

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